With a more contemporary style in mind for her own home, Patricia Warren of Warren Architecture, LLC decided on both the straight and bent blade Centaurus, which were recently featured on Houzz.

In the most used room in the house, just off of the entrance, a bent blade Centaurus takes center stage and steals the show. With the ceiling fan serving as an inspiration for the room, the rug, which is full of color and shapes and the triangular table were added to complement the contemporary feel of the fan.

Keeping a cohesive feel throughout the house, Warren opted for the straight blade Centaurus in another room.

“The next room over, the living room, you can sort of see both fans, so we wanted them to match,” Warren said. “This room has beams in the ceiling, and we didn’t want to take away from that so we went with the straight blade. There are many shapes in the room, so we liked the more simple lines for this room.”

Warren preferred a more contemporary style for her own home but has experience working in a variety of styles.

“It depends on the client,” Warren said. “In Connecticut, many people wanted a more traditional look, and here in Tucson, there is a more southwest style.”

More about the Designer:

Patricia Warren graduated with a bachelor’s degree in architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design, and she has focused on residential architecture ever since. She started working in Connecticut but broke out on her own in 2001 and is now the owner of Warren Architecture in Tucson, Arizona.

Growing up, Warren always liked building things and putting things together. After taking an engineering design class in high school, she left knowing she didn’t want to be an engineer but opened her mind to architecture.

Now Warren’s favorite part of the job is seeing the design come to life in the built form.

“I try to listen to the client and what they want,” Warren said. “My philosophy is to see what we can do to make their [the client’s] quality of life better and more enjoyable in their home.”

Fore more information about Warren Architecture, LLC please visit, www.pwarrenarchitecture.com.