Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing veteran interior designer, and South Carolina native, Cynthia Masters.  We were pointed to Cynthia’s site by her remarkable work at the Medford Lake Home [featured on].  We were not aware of this project, but were thrilled to see the end result.  She used Fanimation’s Old Havana and Brewmaster in the location.  Cynthia describes her work as new, yet timeless, drawing from historical color themes and modern and classic sensibilities.  We were interested in learning more about this project and why she decided to use Fanimation in the design.  Also, we wanted an inside scoop of what she looks for on fan installations.  Without further ado, let’s get into it….

Cynthia, can you tell me a little bit about your professional background?

Since I was 10 years old, interior design was what I wanted to do. I would spend hours redecorating my sister’s Barbie Townhouse, creating a Weeble home from a shoebox or designing an elaborate tree house for the back yard. In 1988, I graduated Cum Laude from the University of South Carolina. I worked for other firms for a few years before opening Panageries in 1993. This year we are celebrating our 20th anniversary! We specialize in high end residential and commercial interior design. Much of the work we do is a fusion of styles instead of being wed to one style in particular. I like to call it globally inspired design.

What does Panageries stand for?

It’s a combination of the words panache and menagerie. The definition of panache is something with sophisticated style, while the meaning of menagerie is a collection of unusual animals. The sophistication of our work is informed by my world view of design. Hence, Panageries means globally inspired collections with sophistication and style. It gives people a sense of the type of work we do.

Can you tell me about some of the inspirations behind the Medford Lake Home design?

The property is on Lake Greenwood in South Carolina. My clients had lived in the home for several years before they decided to renovate and add on. Panageries did the layout for the addition and made all of the interior design and interior architectural selections. The client wanted a comfortable, casual space that had a certain elegance that would entertain easily. I suggested we pull the colors from the lake using watery blues and greens combined with neutrals and lots of white for contrast. The interior doesn’t get much natural light which causes the home to be dark and heavy. I incorporated metallic paint along with glass tile and mirror throughout the space to help reflect the light and add sparkle.

What led to you choosing to install a Fanimation fan in that space?

Fanimation is my favorite line of ceiling fans right now. As a matter of fact, I have two Fanimation fans in my own home. The beautiful thing about Fanimation is that your fans don’t look like they just came off the press. Many of my clients want a ceiling fan with an authentic look, not a cookie cutter look, and Fanimation offers that.

As you can see, the Old Havana over the bed blends perfectly with the bed frame. But more than that, I wanted something with a bit of vintage flavor. We’ve received many complements and inquiries about this fan, particularly from Houzzers who love it and wonder if it’s an antique.

We used the Brewmaster fan in the master sitting room. It pairs exceptionally well with the colors and vibe of the home. It gave the space an immediate feeling of age, like it had been there forever.

How often do you use ceiling fans in your designs? 

My clients are high end users with discerning tastes and, as a rule, are not interested in ceiling fans at all from an aesthetic point of view. However, they understand that fans are great for stirring the air while adding white noise, which works exceptionally well in bedrooms. The reason Fanimation stands out to many of my clients is because they turn the idea of a typical fan on its ear. They are much more original and interesting. These are the kinds of designs my clients are seeking out.

Any tips to offer a manufacturer of these products?

I’m not a ‘fan’ of fans with loads of gingerbread. The appointments should be there for a reason. I like a piece that looks vintage like the Old Havana or the Brewmaster. Or, I like a fan to be clean and simple, like your newest additions. I’m loving the Odyn with its nine long, lean blades, and the Beckwith is really interesting because it’s retro and contemporary at the same time.

How can potential clients contact you?

They can visit my website at They can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of the major social media sites, or they are ‘welcome to call me at 864-250-0021.