I had the pleasure of interviewing award winning designer and builder, Brian Jones.  We were pointed to Brian’s work at his Houzz account by some of our customers.  We found one of the most unique looking Brewmaster fan installs we’ve ever seen.   Brian brings twenty plus years of experience to the table.  He primarily remodels classic homes in the Minneapolis and the western suburbs of the Twin Cities.

Can you tell me a little bit about your professional background?

I earned my Master’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Minnesota.  During college, I worked as a carpenter.  This experience put me in a unique position of being able to combine my training as an architect and carpenter. This enables me to work out design issues on-site that are consistent with the overall design.  These abilities help save my client’s time and money.

Can you tell me about Jones Design Build?

I have owned Jones Build Design for over twenty years.  My passion and specialty is in residential remodeling.  We primarily work on larger projects, and also take on a smaller job such as a gazebo, deck, or patio.  Most of our remodeling projects take four to eight months to complete.  Because of how long these projects take, I’m able to build strong rapport with my clients.  My team almost becomes a part of the family as we virtually live alongside our clients in their homes.

One of the skills that I take pride in is finding affordable ways for customers to get distinctive looking designs.  In this market, it is important to be able to find unique looks without breaking the bank.  I stay up to date on relevant trends in interior design and am able to actually go in and build the design myself. I’m able to use a ‘hands on’ approach and manage a project from inception to completion.

What were some of your inspirations for the Rambler Redux design?

I actually own the Rambler Redux project.  It is a lakeside property in Shorewood, MN.  Originally built in the 1950’s, it was a rambler with three bedrooms and one bath.  It was just 900 square feet, but we built it into a 3,000-square-foot home.  We kept the foundation and fireplace, but everything else had to go.  From the vaulted ceilings to the new wood floors, everything is new.  The home has been featured on “Generation Renovation” a HGTV show.

What led to you installing a Fanimation fan in that space?

When I first saw the Brewmaster fans, I knew they would be a perfect fit for this home. If you look at the picture, the belts on the Brewmaster weave in and out of the tension rods and post.  The post supports the beam without going all the way to the floor.  The Brewmaster really compliments the space.  We often receive comments about how innovative this installation is, in large part because of the Brewmaster fans.

How often do you use ceiling fans in your designs?

We use ceiling fans quite often.  Typically, we use fans when there is a vaulted ceiling.  One of the main reasons my clients use ceiling fans is because they are so functional.  Our clients like using fans in the winter to keep the air flowing and in between seasons in lieu of using their air-conditioners.  They are able to save energy throughout the year.

Any tips for the manufacturer?

My clients typically look for simple and clean products.  Some of my clients want a fan like the Palmetto or Islander.  I think you should keep those types of unique looks, but also focus in on sleek designs.

How can clients contact you?

They can call me at: 6123692709.  They can also e-mail me at Brian@JonesDesignBuild.com or visit our website http://www.jonesdesignbuild.com.