Hello?  Yes, this is Camhaven.  Ah, yes, of course I remember that we had an interview scheduled this afternoon.  I apologize if I seem preoccupied, but I’ve been grading exams all day and my mind has grown weary.  I’m a Professor of English Literature and focus primarily on classic American authors like John Steinbeck and Tennessee Williams.  I’ve always felt fortunate that I was able to parlay my lifelong passion for reading and writing into such a fulfilling career.  Do I have any hobbies?  I certainly do! Among my favorite pastimes is searching for rare manuscripts and limited edition prints published at the turn of the 20th Century.  I find the thrill of the hunt quite exhilarating and am always delighted when I discover a hidden treasure.

Other than my fondness for the written word, here are a few more facts that you should know about me:

  • I’m available in several finishes including bronze accent, oil-rubbed bronze, pewter and white
  • I include a light kit, but can be installed without it
  • I operate on 3 forward and reverse speeds and include a remote control
  • I have a 52 inch blade sweep and 14 degree blade pitch