This is Avaston.  As my assistant already informed you, we’ll have to make this brief because I have a very important meeting in 10 minutes.  Yes, I understand this interview will air on a nationally syndicated radio show, but that doesn’t add any more hours to my day, does it?  You want to know how I became the most successful software developer of my generation.  Well, here’s the quick and dirty, I started working on my grandfather’s farm when I was 7 years old and swiftly determined that I’m not cut out for manual labor and needed to find a career path more suited to my intellectual nature.  I saved every penny that I earned working on the farm and bought my first computer when I turned 10. At 25 cents per hour, I’ll let you figure out how many hours I worked to buy that machine.

At 16 years old I was accepted into Harvard and at 18, I began attending Harvard Business School.  At 20, I developed the first software program with critical thinking skills and at 25, I sold the business for 1 billion.  15 years later, I’m still the most iconic figure in my industry and my current project will transform the world as we know it.  No! I can’t tell you what I’m working on because it’s classified.

Editor’s Note:  After Avaston rushed off to his meeting, the publishing team was able to dig up these additional details about his lifestyle and habits:

  • Avaston prefers to dress in oil-rubbed bronze with cherry blades or satin nickel with walnut blades
  • He has a 52” blade sweep
  • He spins backwards and forwards on 3 speeds
  • He enjoys the outdoors, but can’t stand direct rain
  • Avaston includes an integrated light kit and cap for use without the light
  • Avaston ships with a hand held remote control