Harvard University recently completed a major renovation to one of their oldest dormitories, Old Quincy.  The residential house first opened its doors in 1959.  Now you can find new study niches creatively carved out of spaces in the new corridors, and cabinets for wireless printers have been tucked behind restored fireplaces.  Two new elevator shafts were installed, making the building fully accessible.  That will make moving in and out much easier for students and parents!  The neo-Georgian section of Quincy House is the first test project in renewing the 12 undergraduate Houses—a long-term undertaking expected to cost more than $1 billion.

The renewed Quincy building, houses about 180 students.  The updated student rooms now have custom Inlet Fanimation ceiling fans in each room!   The Inlet enhances the look and feel of these rooms.  The fan has a contemporary design and sleek close-to-ceiling fit.  The University and the students are glad they upgraded with Fanimation and are more comfortable as a result.

The new rooms also come equipped with thermostats.  That means students at Harvard have been solely depending on fans to keep them cool for over fifty years!  They were surely saving tons of energy and will continue on this path with their new energy efficient, Inlet.  The improved insulation, Fanimation ceiling fans, and programmable thermostats will provide greater comfort, and help to reduce energy use and cost.

Old Quincy was awarded the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Certification for its environmental friendliness.  Please check back in the coming weeks when I cover how Fanimation ceiling fans can help you earn LEED credits for your residential and commercial buildings.