CKM Entertainment, LLC (CKM) opened BLEND | BAR • CIGAR located on East 82nd Street in Indianapolis earlier last month.  The President, Corey Johnston, chose to install several Fanimation fans in their new location.  They didn’t cut any corners with quality when they mounted (7) Levons, (3) Islanders, (1) Americana, and (1) Brewmaster with two motors.  Fanimation fans add a touch of elegance to the overall design.

The BLEND concept is built around a complete sensory experience and our fans help deliver that to their customers.  One of the coolest (pardon the pun) parts about BLEND is the 500 square foot walk-in humidor with a Brewmaster hanging above.  The breezes of the belt-driven fan keep the cigars fresh and deliver an organic experience to BLEND’s patrons.  Our Levons add an extra dose of sophistication to their contemporary décor.  And, our Islanders and Americana give occupants that breezy Bahamas feel as they relax over a fine glass of merlot and cigar.

The Brewmaster (one of Fanimation’s patented looks) is a brilliant reproduction of a classic belt-driven fan that was first introduced to the ceiling fan scene in the late 1800’s.  One of Tom Frampton’s most renowned creations you can find in bars and taverns all across the globe.  It found a lovely home at its new exotic destination.  Next, the Levon is not only stylish, but also economically smart and environmentally friendly.  BLEND’s owners will be happy when they save on their cooling costs with their ENERGY STAR rated Levon ceiling fans.  The Islanders (also ENERGY STAR rated) at BLEND are tropically inspired and closely resemble enormous tobacco leafs as their sweep creates a gentle breeze for those unwinding after a long day at the office.  Lastly, the Americana gives the bar an antique look with a bohemian style.

Take a flight to a lounge in the Dominican Republic, Bahamas, or Cuba without the costly air fare (or embargo). Relax, unwind, and keep cool at BLEND. Don’t forget to look up at those wonderful fans!  If you happen to be in the Indianapolis area, stop by BLEND for a uniquely provocative experience.  BLEND is not your average smoky cigar bar and Fanimation does not make your average fan!  We make a great team.