Hi!!!! Ya, this is totally Jennix.  Yep, now is definitely a good time to talk.  I tend to get really excited during interviews and talk super fast, so let me know if I need to slow down.  Honestly, I’m still surprised that my YouTube video is this international sensation with like 10 million views because I never expected that so many people would love my music!  I started playing guitar and singing when I was like 5 years old and everyone in the neighborhood said that I would be a big star someday, but I totally thought I would be super old, like 30, before anyone really took me seriously.

Soooo, imagine my shock when the Ellen Degeneres show called my mom last week and asked if I wanted to be a guest!!!   I mean, at 12 years old, I’m practically one of the youngest singer, songwriters out there.  Even Justin Bieber was like 14 when his music video was first discovered.   My goal is to be the youngest pop star that never goes crazy and shaves my head (hello, Britney Spears??) or goes to rehab like 50 times (you know I’m talking to you Lindsay Lohan)!  Other than being the newest (and best) pop music sensation, here are the things you should definitely know about me:

  • I love to hang out on the back porch and don’t mind a little rain because I’m damp location rated
  • I’m super edgy and my personal style is totally modern meets funk, you dig?
  •  I’m also kind of a tree hugger and my DC motor uses 70% less electricity than a traditional AC motor
  •  I have a 52” blade sweep and operate on 6 forward and reverse speeds
  • I’m equipped with one (1) 100 watt halogen bulb and include a TR29 hand-held remote