I’m sitting in my office right now.  I’m being more productive as I write this because above my head is a stunning Quattro by Fanimation spinning, keeping me cool and refreshed.  I’m certain it’s helping me produce the brilliant material for this blog.  I owe my Quattro a debt of gratitude.  Thank you, Quattro.  Did you know that ceiling/portable fans have proven to increase productivity in the work place?  Researchers from the Center for the Built Environment at California’s Berkeley University, discovered that fans not only keep occupants more comfortable, they also reduce costs for commercial buildings through energy savings.  Test subjects kept themselves comfortable in hot, humid conditions by adjusting portable fan speeds to meet personal preferences.  By enabling employees to control their personal temperature settings, employers benefited from increased productivity.  Isn’t that what managers across the world are looking for? The team revealed that every degree in HVAC reduction results in up to 7-15% energy saved.  This could amount to hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars every month.  Their research concludes that fans saved businesses money, made workers more efficient, and also helped the environment.  Raising thermostat settings and relying on fans also reduces emissions, thereby helping Mother Earth.  Click here for the Berkeley article.

Fans should be used in an overall sustainability strategy.  As both large and small companies are looking to find ways to be more sustainable while staying slim, considering implementing fans into their spaces is a wise choice.  It works really well for Fanimation.  Every office and board room in our building use Fanimation fans.  They are very quiet and do not distract.  I can personally attest to that.  We would love to discuss how your office can implement fans and markedly increase productivity while saving costs.  We have experience in custom designing fans for specific spaces.  Our customer service department can walk you through this decision step-by-step.